Design Tips And Ideas On Landscaping A Small Yard


Is it possible to landscape a small area? Yes, it is possible but you will have to use different landscaping ideas. In addition, you will have to be creative and committed to achieve what you want. Some homeowners have small front yards while others have small backyards depending with their home set up. You should understand that, landscape ideas for sma

ll areas is entirely determined by how you plan. Here are some landscaping ideas for small areas:

1. Build up and not outSince you have limited space when landscaping a small yard, you need to build up using raised flower beds for your plants. You will have a unique view and economise on available space. It is also highly recommended to have your plants in a container to maximise on available space. When your plants are in a container, you take less space and you can move the plants around if need arises e.g. when you have a party or when you need to change the design.

2. Consider the colours you want to haveWhen designing your yard, think about the colour you would like to have in your yard. Colours can give different perceptions about space. For instance, a blue colour makes a small yard look spacious. Blue spruce or Alberta pine are some examples of plants which make a space look bigger.

3. Consider having a rock gardenWhen rock gardens are well designed in a small landscape, they make attractive focal points, offer good conversation topics and can offer unique features in small areas. With a small space, take your time to choose rocks that complement each other as well as plants that do not spread too much because you don’t want to cover the rocks or stones.
Even if you have a small yard, the landscape design you’ve used can make the space look larger and attractive. You just need to consider the design and colours to use to make it elegant.

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